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Airborne Laser Scanning

Airborne Laser Scanning is a rapid and highly accurate measurement method, used to measure the surface of the earth with the use of pulses of light and their reflections (produced by a laser light source). These pulses of light are emitted from the 3D laser scanner (Lidar) that is mounted on an airborne vehicle, like planes and helicopters. A major advantage of airborne laser scanning is the ability to provide data from both the terrain and features under a forest canopy. Producing digital terrain and surface models could be considered the main application of airborne laser scanning. Airborne laser scanning is mainly used in surveying en geodesy, archaeology, urban planning and environmental management and research like forestry, geology, geomorphology and seismology.

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The RIEGL VUX-1UAV is a very lightweight and compact laser scanner, meeting the challenges of emerging survey solutions by UAS/UAV/RPAS, both in measurement performa





The RIEGL VP-1 HeliCopterPod is designed to offer smooth integration of airborne laser scanning systems into manned helicopters. The small and lightweight pod can be

Leica TerrainMapper-2
Leica TerrainMapper-2, Increasing your productivity for complex regional regional LiDAR projects

Leica Geosystems Airborne Solutions

The Leica TerrainMapper-2 is the latest linear-mode LiDAR airborne sensor providing highest performance for regional mapping projects. Important features: Gateless M

RIEGL VQ-1560i


The new VQ-1560 II-S follows the successful concept of RIEGL’s proven dual channel laser scanner series. With increased laser power the operational altitudes are ext

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