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Tide Gauges: Radar, Pressure and Acoustic

A tide gauge is an instrument that is used to measure changes in the (sea)water level. Tide gauges are designed to make measurements continuously, and are usually part of larger water level monitoring systems, combining many sensors. Typically, a sensor is fixed in place, and measures the height difference relative to a datum. Compare a complete overview of tide gauges below and easily inquire about prices and other product specfications from leading tide gauge manufacturers.

Tide gauges are devices used for water level monitoring. These devices are fitted with sensors that record the height of the instantaneous water level providing a value per minute. The accuracy of the measurements has been improved over time with significant improvements and the incursion of radar sensor measurements. Modern tide gauges are more versatile and are easier to operate and maintain.  

The applications of tide gauges include different coastal activities, such as dredging, construction, safe navigation, as well as habitat restoration and preservation monitoring. 

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