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SPH Engineering

UAV software and hardware integration solutions

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About SPH Engineering

SPH Engineering is an expert in drone technology development, providing UAV software solutions, integration services, and custom development to advance drone applications for surveying, data collection and processing, and entertainment.

Founded in 2013 in Latvia (EU), SPH Engineering has a global customer and partner network in over 150 countries.

Core technologies developed by SPH Engineering

  • UgCS: Flight Planning & Control
    One of the world's leading flight-planning software for complex drone surveys.

  • Integrated Systems
    The core technology - SkyHub enables the advanced integration of drones, diverse sensors, and the UgCS software, expanding the capabilities of geophysical, hydrographic, industrial, archeological surveying, and environmental monitoring.

  • Drone Show Technologies
    Leading solution to manage drone light shows for entertainment and advertisement.

  • Data Processing & Custom Development
    Solutions for image, point cloud, geophysical data processing, and delivering essential technologies to facilitate your drone-based business.

‍SPH Engineering started out with the idea that drones are just computers with motors, propellers, and sensors that require smart software to fly efficiently. With this in mind, Alexey Dobrovolskiy (CTO) founded a start-up to test the idea. In 2013, the drone market did not exist yet and drone inspections were almost unaffordable due to high costs and technological complexity. This was not a promising context to introduce UgCS, a universal ground control software for UAV mission planning and flight control. After a few years of ups and downs, market tests, and continuous communication about why software to manage drone flights could be useful, UgCS became an industry-standard solution to support drone pilots and surveyors.

Passionate about innovations and ready to experiment, between 2016 and 2018 the co-founders integrated a GPR sensor with a drone to look for a lost WW2 plane in an expedition to Greenland and developed the first version of software to manage multiple drones to perform a drone light show in a US amusement park. These projects resulted in the launch of two product lines: Integrated Systems, enabling the integration of up to 10+ diverse sensors, and Drone Show Technologies to manage drone swarm shows.

In January 2021, the SPH's team shifted to its newly built office with an in-house Test Field where part of the entire area is a Test Range dedicated to geophysical sensors.

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