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Terrestrial Laser Scanners

Terrestrial Laser Scanners are used for detailed 3-dimensional data acquisition of objects. This is a very fast and cheap way to produce 3D Models. Terrestrial Laser Scanners have applications in many different areas such as deformation measurements, quality control or cultural heritage monitoring.

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LiBackpack C50
LiBackpack C50

GreenValley International

LiBackpack C50 is an advanced SLAM-based 3D mapping system which integrates LiDAR and 360° imaging technologies to produce true color point clouds.



The RIEGL VZ-400i is a cutting-edge 3D Laser Scanning System offering high speed data acquisition with up to 500,000 measurements/sec., range up to 800 m, and 5 mm a


Trimble, Inc.

The Trimble TX8 laser scanner sets new standards for performance and ease of use in high-speed collection of 3D data. Using a state-of-the-art blend of speed, long r



For those that want the most out of their lasers
The RL-VH4DR is complete, dependable, durable, accurate, visible and affordable — compact in design with integrated

Trimble X7 Scanning System
Trimble X7

Trimble, Inc.

The Trimble X7 3D Laser Scanner is a compact, lightweight system with new innovations like automatic calibration and infield registration to simplify adoption, incre

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