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The RIEGL VUX-1UAV²² is a Very Lightweight and Compact Laser Scanner


The RIEGL VUX-1UAV²² is a very lightweight and compact laser scanner, meeting the challenges of emerging survey solutions by UAS/UAV/RPAS, both in measurement performance as in system integration. With regard to the specific restrictions and flight characteristics of UAS, the RIEGL VUX-1UAV is designed to be mounted in any orientation and even under limited weight and space conditions. Modest in power consumption, the instrument requires only a single power supply. The entire data set of an acquisition campaign is stored onto an internal 1 TByte SSD and/or provided as real-time line scan data via the integrated LAN-TCP/IP interface.


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Year of introduction


Year of last update


Total Weight [kg]


Power requirements

11 - 32 V DC

Type of GNSS/INS positioning system


Data storage facilities

int.1 TByte SSD Memory, ext. USB devices

Postprocessing software



Main applications

- Agriculture and Forestry - Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Documentation - Corridor Mapping:Power Line, Railway Track, and Pipeline Inspection - Topography in Open-Cast Mining -Construction-Site Monitoring - Surveying of Urban Environments- Resources Management - Construction-Site Monitoring

Measurement Characteristics

Scanning method

time of flight measurement

Min. pulse frequency [Hz]


Max. pulse frequency [Hz]


Max. field of view [deg]


Max. number of recorded echoes per pulse

up to 15 target echoes

Full-wave form digitization


Recording of intensity of return signal [bits]


multiple pulses in air


Operation Characteristics


Helicopter, Fixed-wing, RPAS (UAV/UAS)

Max. flying height [m]


Laser Pulse Characteristics

Beam divergence [mrad]


Type/class laser


More information

Distinguishable features

10 mm survey-grade accuracy scan speed up to 200 scans / second PRR freely selectable measurement rate up to 1,200,000 meas./sec (@ 1200 kHz PRR & 360° FOV) operating flight altitude more than 2,640 ft field of view up to 360° for practically unrestricted data acquisition regular point pattern, perfectly parallel scan lines cutting edge RIEGL technology providing - echo signal digitization - online waveform processing - multiple-time-around processing multiple target capability - up to 15 targets echoes compact (227x180x125 mm), lightweight (3.5 kg), and rugged easily mountable to professional UAS / UAV / RPAS mechanical and electrical interface for IMU mounting electrical interfaces for GPS data string and Sync Pulse (1PPS) LAN-TCP/IP interface scan data storage on internal 1TByte SSD Memory

Application areas

Select an application area:

Construction and Infrastructure, Cultural Heritage, Land Surveying and Cadastre

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