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Contact is the premier global product platform specializing in surveying, positioning, autonomy and machine guidance. With an extensive catalog of over 4,000 products from 1,000 leading manufacturers, the platform enables professionals to compare products, read insightful case studies, watch informative videos, and directly contact manufacturers. Annually, Geo-matching serves as a go-to resource for more than 600,000 surveying and positioning experts worldwide.

Geo-matching for product manufacturers

All product manufacturers can add products to Geo-matching. You can easily register and add your products with this link (takes about 15 minutes). is an excellent product platform to promote your products to surveying and positioning professionals. Please have a look at our advertising page for the premium options. 

Geo-matching for surveying and positioning professionals

You can find most of the product information on Geo-matching. You can contact product manufacturers directly via Geo-matching, but you can also ask us for advice. We will provide you with advice on a suitable product/solution and we will link your request to suitable product manufacturers.

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