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Digital Aerial Cameras

Digital Aerial Cameras are cameras, that are designed to be used on flying survey platforms. They are widely used for mapping projects in combination with photogrammetric or LIDAR technology. The cameras in this category have a typical flying height of well above 1000m, for smaller aerial cameras go to [UAS Cameras].

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Teledyne Optech

Standalone or integrated with lidar, the Optech CS-10000 is a complete corridor and small-area mapping solution.

Vexcel Imaging UltraCam Osprey Mark 3 Premium
UltraCam Osprey Mark 3 Premium

Vexcel Imaging

The Vexcel Imaging UltraCam Osprey is a digital aerial camera system family for combined nadir and oblique image capture. The UltraCam Osprey Mark 3 Premium combines

Phase One iXM 100MP
Phase One iXM 100MP

Phase One Industrial

The iXM 100MP metric camera incorporates the first medium-format sensor with backside-illumination technology, enabling high light sensitivity and extended dynamic r

UltraCam Falcon Mark 2 f100
UltraCam Falcon Mark 2 f100

Vexcel Imaging

With the choice of two focal lengths, Vexcel Imaging UltraCam Falcon Mark 2 digital photogrammetric camera system provides customers with a versatile platform for ae

Phase One iXU 150 Digital Aerial Camera
Phase One iXU 150

Phase One Industrial

Phase One aerial cameras are designed as the central hub in an open aerial data acquisition system, enabling users to choose “best-of-breed” components t

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