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PAS 880i NIR

PAS 880i NIR

Most Efficient All-In-One Solution for Wide-Area Mapping and 3D City Modeling

With the special engineering design, customers can achieve the highest ground resolution with the shortest flying hours and lowest data processing costs. making PAS 880i one of the most efficient all-in-one solutions for wide-area mapping and 3D city modeling. PAS 880i is a large-format nadir and oblique aerial solution comprises four oblique RGB cameras of 150 MP and for nadir, a 280 MP RGB and a 150 MP NIR camera integrated into a single pod to simultaneously capture photogrammetric imagery.


Highest performance and productivity

PAS 880 provides 20,000 pixels across flight lines for the nadir and 14,000 pixels for each of the oblique cameras.

An unbeatable performance of 2 frames per second enables 80% forward overlap at high speed.

The combination of 90mm/150mm lenses for the nadir and oblique system ensures balanced ground resolution products for all cameras. The central leaf shutter provides speed up to 1/2500 sec. eliminating motion blur. The 3,76μm BSI pixels ensure sharp images under any light condition.

PAS 880 delivers the highest quality and accuracy for oblique aerial imagery.


Oblique 2x 14.204
Nadir 20.150 pixels across

Capture Rate

2 frames/sec.

Shutter Speed

Up to 1/2500 sec.

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