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Phase One Space Hardened Camera

The Phase One Space Hardened Camera. Designed and built to operate in Low Earth Orbit in Space, iXM-SP150 is a snapshot matrix camera, ready for integration with Space telescopes and satellite hardware. iXM- SP150 offers unmatching wide area, high resolution, high sensitivity and low noise imaging capabilities for Earth Observation and Space Domain Awareness applications, with Achromatic and color variants.


The Phase One iXM-SP150 is a 150 megapixels (MP) snapshot matrix camera for highdemand Earth Observation and Space Domain Awareness applications. Its snapshot matrix imaging technology provides high photogrammetric precision, eliminating errors associated with line TDI scanning cameras. It is specifically engineered to endure the harsh conditions of Low Earth Orbit, providing high resolution, sensitivity, and noise reduction for multispectral, panchromatic and color imaging applications. The iXM-SP150 camera utilizes Phase One’s trusted iXM architecture, which has been demonstrated to be highly reliable, rigid, and ecient through the successful operation of thousands of cameras since 2018. This architecture has been utilized in a variety of aerial imaging applications and in a wide range of environmental conditions. The iXM-SP150 has been designed and constructed space radiation hardened and with fiber optic 10G Ethernet interface. It is ready for integration with space telescopes and satellite buses.

Collect more data in every frame with our 150 MP, snapshot matrix camera

Unlock the power of seamless image capture with our technology, allowing you to eortlessly capture large area images with pixel-perfect precision. Thanks to the small pixel size of our sensors our design allows for the use of smaller and more cost-eective components, such as compact telescopic lenses, to achieve the same high-quality imaging results. By eliminating precision errors associated with line TDI scanners, you can ensure maximum accuracy and eciency in your data collection. With the ability to capture multiple images of the same large area and achieve full motion video at a 4 fps capture rate, our technology significantly increases the signal-to-noise ratio and overall image quality for a truly immersive imaging experience.

Proven for use in Low Earth Orbit

iXM-SP150 was originally designed for space, incorporating system redundancy and containing radiation hardened electronic components. An early unit has been operating in space since mid-2022, proving its high quality Earth Observation imaging capabilities, reliability and durability in Low Earth Orbit.

Straight forward integration with satellite hardware

Phase One’s space-hardened enclosure combines a sensor and imaging engine, optional  sensor alignment with space telescopes. With a fiber optic 10G Ethernet data interface, you can ensure high speed and reliable data transfer for your space applications.

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Other documents
  • iXM-SP150 Brochure
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  • iXM-SP150 Fact Sheet
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