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Micro 120

The highest quality extreme point density system on the market.

A game-changing, high accuracy system for all projects, the Micro 120 is the highest-performance UAV LiDAR system. With its maximum laser pulse rate of 1800kHz, this 3.5kg lightweight LiDAR system offers high point density even on VTOL platforms with high flying speed.


Micro 120 is the latest high-performance UAV LiDAR system, released in the beginning of 2022. With its maximum laser pulse rate of 1800kHz, this 3.5kg lightweight LiDAR system offers high point density, even on VTOL platforms, with fast flying speed. Fully integrated with a survey grade IMU/GNSS and a high-resolution calibrated camera, Micro 120 is ready off the shelf for mounting on your UAV.

With its small body, elegant design, high accuracy, and ease of use, the advantages of Micro 120 are more than just the typical parameters. With Geo-LAS software to automatically generate RGB laser points and 3D models, Micro 120 provides an accurate and efficient solution to many applications.

Like other LiDAR models in the LidarSwiss product series, Micro 120 supports Geo-RT to create real-time colorized point clouds that can be downlinked to ground station during flight - an ideal technology for quick response application.

Key Features:

  • 20° forward and backward view increases point density of vertical objects in flightline direction
  • Intelligent system controller
  • Automatic RGB attribution to laser points
  • Only 30% side lap needed to generate survey grade DOM
  • Lifetime system calibration
  • Direct geo-referencing technology
  • Large data storage space
  • Easy to install and operate


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Main applications

Large area mapping: Land mapping, Forestry mapping, Flood plain mapping, City modeling - Long corridor mapping: Oil and gas pipelines, Highway, Railroads, Coastal lines, Long distance power transmission lines inspection

Training, maintanence and support

Training included in purchase

Distinguishable features

20° forward and backward view increases point density of vertical objects in flightline direction, Intelligent system controller, Automatic RGB attribution to laser points

Measurement Characteristics

Scanning method

Rotating polygonal mirror

Max. pulse frequency [Hz]


Max. field of view [degrees]


Physical Properties

Height [cm]


Length [cm]


Width [cm]


Weight [kg]


Laser Pulse Characteristics

Laser Class

Class 1, eye safe

Beam divergence [mrad]


Max. range of laser pulse [m]


Power Supply

Power consumption

80W (max.)

Power requirements

14-30V DC

Positioning System

Heading, Pitch and Role internally captured


Type of INS or IMU

Survey grade IMU

Operation Characteristics

Camera included


Camera specifications

High resolution calibrated camera

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