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About LidarSwiss Solutions

LidarSwiss Solutions GmbH provides leading edge technology LiDAR solutions. LidarSwiss’ proven track record can be found everywhere from large scale, high-accuracy land mapping, to long distance BVLOS projects, like power line inspections. Automation is the ultimate goal of UAV LiDAR solutions from LidarSwiss. Therefore, LidarSwiss’ software development philosophy is simplistic and intuitive: RGB attribution of the laser points happens simultaneously with laser geo-referencing. This is unique in the industry and allows for immediate display and review of the RGB laser data.  This efficiency comes from rapid workflow and less flight time. Direct geo-referencing and calibrations are also fixed, so flight lines can be spaced at 30% side overlap as opposed to the 70-80% typically required. This means LidarSwiss flight times are less than half when compared to typical operations.  President/CTO of LidarSwiss Solutions GmbH, Mr. Robert Kletzli has been a pioneer in the LiDAR industry since the 90’s. With his decades of experience in LiDAR technology, and mapping projects around the world, he also has many “firsts” in the industry - starting in 2009 with UAV LiDAR R&D. In 2015, automatic RGB attribution to laser point clouds was created followed by his 3D Live software solution with real-time data processing in 2017. Most recently, LSAP was invented in February of this year and was already been named an award-winning innovation at Geo Week 2023.

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