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GNSS Devices for Surveying & Photogrammetry

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San Borja, PE Member since


Mettatec is a group of innovative Peruvian technology enthusiasts committed to creating high-impact solutions for customers by combining creativity and technology. As a strategic ally, their primary focus is on providing cutting-edge GNSS systems with centimeter-precision geolocation capabilities, helping businesses improve their operations and successfully navigate the present and future. Their specialist electronics and robotics team works in Mettatec's workshop, a hub of creativity and technology, designing and manufacturing groundbreaking GNSS systems. The three main products in their portfolio are the GNSS X5 PPK Module for DJI Phantom, the X5 Multi-band GNSS Receiver (PPK + RTK + NTRIP), and the RTK-NTRIP GNSS X5Mobile for Smartphones. In addition to these, Mettatec develops tailor-made solutions to cater to specific customer needs and is continuously working on new product launches to further revolutionize geolocation technology. By offering advanced, user-friendly solutions and a commitment to customer-oriented service, Mettatec is transforming the landscape of geolocation technology, making it more accessible and efficient for businesses around the world.
“At METTATEC, we are proud to be the only company in Peru that creates, manufactures, and globally markets GNSS devices specifically designed for surveying, mapping, and civil engineering applications. As we continue to innovate, we are excited to explore how this technology can benefit industries such as precision agriculture and fishing, and we look forward to sharing many exciting developments in the near future.”
Alfredo Quiñones

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