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Architectural Surveying of a Historical Building


The Dr Sun Yat-Sen’sMemorial Hall is located in Guangzhou, China. It was built in 1929 in honour of Mr Sun Yat-Sen(the forerunner of the great democratic revolution in China) and designed by the famous architect Lu Yanzhi (1894-1929). The building has an octagonal structure and combines the traditional Chinese palace style and the Western modern space and structure design method.

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen’s Memorial Hall

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen’s Memorial Hall Building


  • Recording details and conditions of structure and decoration
  • Creation of a fine 3D file of the historical building
  • Creation of fine 3D dataset including point clouds, CAD, photos, etc.
  • Providing 3D point cloud models for displaying and disseminating
  • Providing the online 3D model for promotion

The two goals of the project were: 

  • To conduct a comprehensive digital survey and acquisition of the 3D information of the historic building. 
  • To create a fine 3D file with all the information on the preservation status of structure, decoration and equipment. This huge building was used for many years and is full of precarious equipment, structures, and decorative components, which caused many difficulties for laser scanning activities and point cloud postprocessing.
Dr. Sun Yat-Sen’s Memorial Hall Point cloud model
Dr Sun Yat-Sen’s Memorial Hall Point cloud model

« Thanks to JRC 3D Reconstructor, we obtained the registration of more than 500 scans quickly and accurately. »

Prof. Yangting
SCUT | South China University of Technology

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen’s Memorial Hall section
Building section with reflectance

The Gexcel software allowed to extract from the point cloud the building’s plans, elevations and sections necessary to generate the CAD drawings in a 1:100 scale. With a highly collaborative group and AutoCAD®integration, a final 3D database of the Dr Sun Yat-Sen’s Memorial Hall was established for follow-up research, displaying and promotional activities. The work was successfully completed in 2 weeks.


  • Generation of 3D point cloud models in a short time
  • Fast, automatic registration of point cloud
  • Easy and quick key points generation: accurate sections of structure and details (structure, high-value elements, etc.)


  • Surveying System: Faro X130 & Faro X330 With Ricoh Theta
  • Surveying Area: 8.700 Sqm
  • Processing Software: JRC 3D Reconstructor Heritage-Architectural | AutoCAD
  • Surveying Time: 3 Days
  • Processing Time*: 15 Days


  • Full coloured point cloud of the whole building (inside and outside, view on multiplatform)
  • AutoCAD® drawings for plans, elevations, and sections in a 1:100 and 1:50 scale
  • Point cloud slice showing structural deformations and damage status
Dr. Sun Yat-Sen’s Memorial Hall 2D technical table
Building technical table, 2D CAD plan view


Guangzhou SIKAN Surveying &MappingTechnology Co., Ltd. | SCUT

Technical consultant company dedicated to providing survey and supporting services for the reconstruction of historic buildings, renovation of old cities, and renovation of cultural relics to provide effective and reliable 3D data and archives for today's urban construction. 

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