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A flex system in your hands!

HERON MS TWIN Color is a SLAM-based system with the only capture head on the market featuring double lidar (16 or 32 chs - max range from 100 to 300 m) and an 8K pano camera in a super compact design! An all-in-one system with on-premise software included for no-limits data processing.


HERON MS TWIN Color is a portable 3D mapping system featuring a double laser sensor (16 or 32 chs LiDAR - max range from 100 to 300 m), for robust 3D geometry acquisitions, along with the MG1 innovative and proprietary 4-lens RGB panoramic camera for 4K videos and 8K images acquisition. The wired rugged backpack hosts a smart and detachable controller driven by a wireless PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). The flex design makes HERON MS TWIN Color a super versatile SLAM system. HERON MS TWIN Color works in complex, multi-level buildings and supports geospatial and digital twin applications. It is provided with complete on-premise software packages to manage the entire data processing workflow.


• HERON Desktop: for no limits SLAM processing, with patented algorithms
• Reconstructor: for 3D point cloud advanced post-processing

• Reconstructor Viewer: for the visualization and measurement of 3D point clouds and cameras (free software)
• GoBlueprint: for 2D maps/orthophotos visualization, measuring and CAD export (free software)


RGB 8K pictures and 4K videos.
No initialization and calibration procedures.
• Optional use of control points or control scans as constraints.
• Patented algorithm: free mapping path.
• Loop closure not required.
• Wired rugged backpack for acquisition and transport.
• Compact capture head dockable to:
- telescopic poles to measure cavities and inaccessible areas (also upside down).
- vehicles (cars, bikes, quads, robots, etc.).
• Rugged and powerful touchscreen control unit.
• Real-time visualization of point clouds generated during the acquisition.
• Designed to work in extreme environments and several accessories to expand applications.
All-in-one system: on-premise software included and no extra costs for remote data processing services.


Accurate 3D models also in complex environments.
Automatic color mapping.
• Advanced mode for full professional control of the SLAM algorithm parameters.
• Point cloud editing software.
• Very dense point cloud rendering with multiple colour layers and 3D virtual tours at 8K.
Direct export of 3D data to ReCap, E57, LAS and the main formats of point clouds.
• Easy data export to third-party software (e.g. 3DM Feature Extraction, EdgeWise, Micromine, Scene, Verity).
• Sharing in E57 on cloud platforms (e.g. 3DM Cloud, Cintoo Cloud, Scene Webshare).
• Advanced point cloud rendering which emphasizes features and details.
• Tracking mode for real-time change detection tasks.

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Everywhere (indoors/outdoors), underground and open pit mines, geospatial and digital twin applications, multi-level buildings, tunnels, cultural heritage sites, forensic, forestry, urban areas. Particularly appreciated in harsh and complex areas.

Year of last update


Year of introduction


Height [cm]


Width [cm]


Length [cm]


Operating temperature: min. [°C]


Operating temperature: max. [°C]


Weight [kg]


Camera System

Number of cameras


FoV per camera [horizontal in deg]


Maximum frames/sec. per camera


FoV per camera [vertical in deg]


Brand and type

Gexcel MG1 | 4-lens

CCD size [.. x .. pixels]

8192 x 4096

Export formats


Software specifications

Software name

HERON Desktop, Reconstructor, Reconstructor Viewer, GoBlueprint

Output data [point cloud, images, mesh, ...]

point clouds, images, meshes, trajectories, orthophotos/x-ray orthophotos (direct export to AutoCAD™), volumes, areas, cross-sections

Output file formats

.e57, .las, .ply, export in ReCap

More information

Main applications

Volume computation - Excavation progress monitoring - Digital archive - Construction progress monitoring - Floor plans generation for asset management - Logistic/traffic management - Dilapidation monitoring - Scan to BIM - Contours and profiles - 3D virtual experience - Real-time change detection - As-built generation

Training facilities


Distinguishable features

Mountable on car, bike, boat, quad, trolley, etc. - Usable in every light conditions - Initialization procedure not required - Loop closure not mandatory - SLAM patented algorithms - Control points and control scans as constraints - Automatic self-localization in a reference model, when available - Real-time change detection - Advanced data analysis - Compatibility with AutoCAD, ReCap Pro, EdgeWise, Verity, 3DUsernetVISION and Cintoo Cloud

Laser Scanner

Number of laser scanners


Brand and type

32-Channel 360° Spinning Mid-Range Lidar

Wavelength [nm]


Laser safety classification


Min. Range [m]


Max Range [m]


Max. vertical field of view [deg]


Max. horizontal field of view [deg]


Absolute accuracy [1 sigma in mm]


Max. measurement rate [kHz]


Range precision [1 sigma in mm]


Scans per second


Positioning System

SLAM algorithm implemented


GNSS receiver type

Trimble DA2 Powered by the Trimble® Catalyst™ GNSS positioning service

Data storage

Max. data storage [Internal + External in Gb]


Data storage type [120 characters]

USB 3.1 Gen 1

Power Supply

Battery type [120 characters]

Li-ion 6700 mAh / 80.4 Wh / 12 V

Operating time on single battery [hr]


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