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Waveform Processing Airborne Laser Scanning System

In further development of the RIEGL VQ-480 Airborne Laser Scanner Series – the RIEGL VQ-480 II presents itself in a completly new design that successfully takes up the already proven qualities and leads them to a new standard of performance and user-friendliness.


Its sophisticated design allows to further reduce the overall weight resulting in approx. 10 kg. Thus, the scanner is well suited for the use in manned but also in unmanned aircrafts. The VQ-480 II can seamlessly be integrated into stabilized platforms, e.g. standard gyromounts, and also into even small hatches.

Based on RIEGL‘s proven Waveform-LiDAR technology, the scanner provides highly accurate point clouds, excellent vertical target resolution, calibrated reflectance readings, and pulse shape deviation for unsurpassed information content on each single measurement. With a measurement rate of up to 1,250,000 measurements/second and an extremely wide field of view of 75°, the VQ-480 II is the first choice for airborne surveying applications like corridor mapping, city modeling, and agriculture & forestry.

An easy to remove CFast® storage card and an integrated Solid State Disk and/or the option for streaming the scan data via LAN TCP/IP interface are provided for data transfer and storage.

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Year of introduction


Year of last update


Total Weight [kg]


Power requirements

18-34V DC, 100W

Type of GNSS/INS positioning system




Data storage facilities

Solid State Disc SSD, 1 TB; Cardholder for CFAST storage cards

Mission planning software

RiPARAMETER,IGI Plan; TrackAir; or similar

Postprocessing software



Main applications

Agriculture & Forestry; City Modeling; Corridor Mapping

Measurement Characteristics

Scanning method

rotating polygon mirror

Min. pulse frequency [Hz]


Max. pulse frequency [Hz]


Max. field of view [deg]


Full-wave form digitization


multiple pulses in air


Operation Characteristics


Helicopter, Fixed-wing, Gyroplane, RPAS (UAV/UAS)

Min. flying height [m]


Max. flying height [m]


Laser Pulse Characteristics

Beam divergence [mrad]


Type/class laser


More information

Distinguishable features

high accuracy ranging based on RIEGL Waveform-LiDAR technology; high laser pulse repetition rate up to 2 MHz; measurement rate up to 1,250,000 measurements/sec; perfectly linear and parallel scan lines; compact & lightweight design: ready for integration in UAVs with higher payload capacity; wide field of view of 75°; interfaces for up to 5 optional cameras; mechanical and electrical interface for IMU/GNSS integration; removeable storage card and integrated Solid State Disk (SSD) for data storage; compatible with stabilized platforms and even small hatches; seamless integration and compatibility with other RIEGL ALS systems and software packages

Application areas

Select an application area:


RIEGL VQ-480II Datasheet.pdf
4.1 MB
RIEGL VQ-480II Datasheet.pdf
Other documents
  • Applicationsheet Forestry & Agriculture.pdf
    3.41 MB
  • Infosheet ALS Overview.pdf
    4.34 MB

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