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Extremely Compact Single Scanner Mobile Mapping System

The RIEGL VMY-1 is an extremely compact, economically priced Mapping System of small dimensions, that is well suited for a variety of basic mobile mapping applications.


The central part of the system is the RIEGL miniVUX-HA LiDAR sensor providing 125 scan lines / second and up to 300 kHz Pulse Repetion Rate.
The optional integration of up to four cameras (DSLR camera(s) and / or FLIR Ladybug® 5+ spherical camera) allows simultaneous acquisition of images to
complement the measurement data.
The innovative design of the system enables folding for convenient transport and space-saving storage.
An easy-to-use interface, accessible via laptop, and the RIEGL data acquisition software facilitate the operator's task in the field by providing real-time visualization of the acquired scan data and imagery.

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Lidar Sensor


RIEGL miniVUX Series LiDAR Sensor

Number of laser scanners


Laser safety classification


Min. Range [m]


Max Range [m]


Max. vertical field of view [deg]


Max. measurement rate [kHz]



Distinguishing features

Laser pulse repetition rate of up to 200 kHz; Up to 100 scan lines per second; Range 280 m Accuracy 15 mm / Precision 10 mm; Eye safe operation at Laser Class 1; Field of view 360°; Multiple target capability; Optional integration of up to four cameras

Main applications

Off-shore Mapping of Coastlines; Transportation Infrastructure Mapping; HD Mapping for Autonomous Vehicles; City Modeling; Rapid Capture of Construction Sites and Bulk Material; Surveying in Open-Pit Mining; As-Built Surveying

Training provided


Dimensions & Environment

Weight [kg]



Year of initial introduction


Year of last update




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