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GNSS Receivers

GNSS Receivers are the core product for satellite positioning. They convert signals from visible satellites into a position on earth. The amount of visible satellites is dependent on the number of constellations the receiver is compatible with, such as GPS, Glonass, Galileo and Beidou.

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Smart GNSS Receiver E600
E600 GNSS receiver

e-Survey GNSS

Newest smart GNSS receiver equipped with most advanced GNSS board ,newly Forged and specialized  for complex surveys. well-testified and highly commented in various


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Topcon HiPer SR GNSS Receiver
HiPer SR


Seabed SGR7 GNSS


The SGR7 is a robust, high precision receiver designed to be an ultra-flexible user-friendly device. From standalone meter-level to RTK centimetre level positioning,

P2 Pro GNSS sensor
P2 Pro GNSS sensor


The P2 Pro GNSS sensor is a dual-antenna high-precision receiver designed to provide reliable and precise heading and positioning solutions to demanding applications

iRTK5 is the new high quality GNSS receiver of Hi-Target, benefiting from the next-generation GNSS engine, supporting the PPP service. It has full band support for cellular mobile networks (LTE, WCDMA, EDGE,GPRS,GSM), and supports most of the radio protocols on an internal UHF transceiver radio.  iRTK5 has an innovative designs, a magnesium alloy structure and the Linux 3.2.0 operating system. The HD OLED color touch screen has a better display, and operates in rain. iRTK5 is an industry-leading GNSS RTK surveying solution.


Benefiting from the next-generation GNSS engine, unlimited communication technology and innovative designs, iRTK5, the high quality scalable GNSS receiver, provides

Tersus  GNSS PPK (Post-Processing Kinematic) Board -BX316R
GNSS PPK (Post-Processing Kinematic) Board -BX316R

Tersus GNSS

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