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About Guangzhou Alpha Surveying Technology Co.,Ltd.

Headquartered in Guangzhou. There are production and R&D centers in Guangzhou and Beijing. Alpha is a professional manufacturer of a full range of surveying instruments, including total station, RTK, handheld controller, level, USV, LiDAR, software and solution. Alpha has established an operating system integrating product research and development, production, and marketing. The R&D team has an average of more than 15 years of experience in leading international companies. Alpha has invested land for production, including class 100,000 dust-free assembly workshop, accurate testing laboratory, spatial orientation automatic testing baseline, environment testing laboratory, warehouse and production management office, and so on; production line adopts the production management software OIS self-developed by Alpha, integrating accurate control into the whole process, all position and whole procedure; core technology , advance design , scientific management , spirit of craftsmanship, fundamentally solve the problems of accurate instrument manufacturing. On July 20, 2021, Alpha Brand was officially launched at Bosheng Hotel, Zhengzhou. The conference was witnessed by more than 200 offline attendees including manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and users, and by online netizens through live broadcasting. The new concept, products and innovative mode became a major event in the industry. Alpha Manufacturing Alpha technology system is steeped with a long and profound history, being imparted from generation to generation. The R&D team is professional with all-around skills and has made achievements in the fields of optics, machinery, optoelectronics, satellite positioning, industrial control, etc. The team has a good knowledge of international high-efficient manufacturing production and quality control and is qualified for serving clients at home and abroad with strong R&D capability and rich experience. * Core R&D engineers from top-notch international companies are all with over-15-year experience in this field. * The solid foundation of Alpha manufacturing: Top manufacturing + Craftsmanship * The workshop is built in accordance with the standard of 100,000-level purification workshop. * Alpha's self-developed production management software OIS is applied to the production line in order to integrate precision control into the whole production process, each position and every procedure. Consumer Design Alpha surveying communicates directly with tens of thousands of front-line users for their comments and suggestions on the creation, upgrading and elimination of each product. Industrial Design A high-quality product comes from a good design. Alpha surveying is committed to making every alpha device a work of art that takes into account surveying and mapping technology, aesthetics and humanistic care. Software Design In terms of optimizing user experience, software has greater potential. The Alpha surveying software R & D center will make a great difference through creating application such as RTK controller software, digital level, Android total station, unmanned system route acquisition and data cloud.

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