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From ship to Shore, know your ocean.

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Zeist, NL Member since

About QPS

QPS BV (Quality Positioning Services) makes industry leading software for collection, post processing and visualisation of maritime geomatic data. Our products QPS QINSy, QPS Qimera and QPS Fledermaus seamlessly partner ArcGIS for Maritime, to solve problems and gain efficiencies for maritime related business. QPS QINSy is a software suite used for many types of maritime geomatic surveys, ranging from simple single beam surveys up to the very complex offshore construction works. QPS Qimera is an evolution in hydrographic data processing, and it combines the core technologies of QINSy and Fledermaus. QPS Fledermaus is a powerful tool used by Commercial, Academic and Government clients worldwide to interact in 4D with geographical datasets. Our product QPS Qastor is Electronic Chart Software (ECS) that enables navigation, piloting and precise docking, as well as several other application such as Oil & Gas FPSO/SPM mooring, patrol vessel and tugboat operations. Using wired or wireless methods, Qastor interfaces to most devices outputting NMEA data strings, to AIS units, and to the QPS Qastor Connect Server which is supplying meteorological data, VTS targets and ENC updates to Qastor users. QPS is an independent software company that has since 1986, been headquartered in The Netherlands

“"We used Qimera on a mapping transit from the Galapagos Islands to San Diego and were excited about its seamless functionality. The intuitive user interface of Qimera will allow us to quickly train interns, who have a wide variety of educational backgrounds and abilities, to process sonar data and create mission-critical data products."”
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