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Training & Services

Training & Services

Be the expert

We offer world class training and services from our team of industry experts, tailored to your needs.


Our technical support team provides comprehensive training using QPS products at all stages of your project. Come visit one of our locations for training, leaving all the setup and requirements to us, or we can come to your vessel or workplace for fully customised on-site training and services. We support everything from mobilisation and setup, to data acquisition and processing, to analysis and product delivery.

We work with you to develop training and services best tailored to your needs. Expect a powerful workflow your crew will be confident to operate.

Training & Services

What we offer

At QPS we take great pride in our training and services. We customize to your requirements and your workflow, with training tailored to your equipment and your vessel. Read below all the ways QPS can meet and exceed all your expectations related to training.

The full workflow

Mobilisation, acquisition, processing, analysis, and product generation.

Rapid global response

Wherever you are in the world, we strive to travel to your location within one working day.

Flexibility in training location

We will come to your vessel, or to your office, or a third party location.

QPS office training facilities

QPS training courses are available at any of our office locations.

Customized training and services

Training and services tailored to your vessel, equipment, and requirements.

Standard training curriculums

We offer standard training agendas. Show up, learn, and leave ready to work.

Vessel-based training

Expert instruction on your vessel, delivered in an operational setting.

Mobilisation and setup

Our engineers ensure ideal systems setup and integration prior to your operations.

Workflow enhancement

On-site and on-board workflow optimization to ensure operational efficiency.

Data quality enhancement

Online training to ensure the highest quality data captured on the first go.

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