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Six Successful Use Cases of Imajing Technology


Imajing, a leading provider of geospatial solutions, has been instrumental in transforming the way various sectors manage their infrastructure. From railways to smart cities, Imajing's innovative products have delivered impressive results in four successful use cases across the globe.

1. French Railway Enhancements

In France, SNCF Réseau has been using Imajing's technology since November 2016 to monitor its vast railway network. Equipped with Imajing's cutting-edge imajbox®, three railway geometry control trains named "SURVEILLE" or "ESV" survey the entire French railway network each month. This extensive geo-referenced imagery collection aids in field inspection, railway management, maintenance, and engineering programs, significantly improving operational efficiency.

2. Efficient City Street Maintenance in Namur

Imajing's imajbox® is not limited to railways; it's also optimizing city infrastructure management. In Namur, Belgium, a municipal vehicle equipped with an imajbox® collects images of the pavement and city assets. This data enables efficient maintenance of streets with cost optimization and precise monitoring of pavement conditions, all while reducing the need for extensive field visits.

3. Smart City Solutions for Marseille, France

In Marseille, France, the city partnered with APMS to create a comprehensive tax management system for car parks. Imajing's technology, including their imajbox®, helped survey and digitize over 19,000 parking places, facilitating the implementation of municipal tax policies and contributing to smarter city management.

4. Smart City Solutions Istanbul, Turkey

Similarly, in Istanbul, Turkey, Imajing's technology, including the imajbox®, played a crucial role in streetlight maintenance. Over 60,000 streetlights were inventoried and assessed using the imajbox® mounted on cars. This data allowed for efficient planning of maintenance, ensuring well-lit streets and efficient energy use in the city.

5. Efficient Local Tax Management in Argentina

In Argentina, local taxes on advertising signs in public areas require accurate location and space information. IRV, an engineering company specializing in road surveys, has partnered with Imajing to help local authorities achieve this goal seamlessly.

Imajing's end-to-end solutions provide the perfect tools for surveying city streets and digitally mapping various types of advertisements. Imajing 3D Pro, with its one-click measure function, streamlines the process of qualifying items and calculating their areas. This technology not only ensures compliance with local tax regulations but also improves the efficiency and accuracy of local tax management.

6. Enhancing Urban Addressing in French Overseas Territories

GDS Group, based in Metropolitan France, plays a pivotal role in urban addressing projects across French overseas departments, including Martinique, French Guyana, and Guadeloupe. These regions have a pressing need for accurate and up-to-date address and street name plans. Imajbox®, the flagship product from Imajing, is instrumental in achieving this goal.

Imajbox® surveys are utilized to pinpoint and digitize street plates and house numbers while associating attributes like the private or public nature of the area. Despite the geographical distance between these overseas territories and their offices, GDS Group benefits from the comprehensive network vision provided by the imagery produced by Imajing's technology. Additionally, Imajview®, another Imajing solution, has significantly boosted productivity in asset inventory management.


These six successful use cases exemplify how Imajing's innovative products, such as the imajbox®, can enhance infrastructure management across various sectors. With these versatile solutions, Imajing continues to drive efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and innovation in infrastructure management worldwide.

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