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imajview® 5

Multisensor mobile mapping software

By leveraging the capabilities of imajview 5, you can seamlessly import vector layers from a wide spectrum of GIS/CAD formats. Freed from the shackles of format limitations, your data transforms into a versatile canvas, primed for exploration and fine-tuning.



Mapping Surveys take center stage, allowing you to transform imported data into rich, detailed visualizations. With an array of survey tools at your disposal, you can create comprehensive maps that serve as the foundation for your projects.


Collaboration lies at the heart of our platform. Multiple minds can converge on a single project, fostering creativity and enhancing productivity. Whether you're working in the same room or across continents, our collaborative tools ensure that every team member's contributions are seamlessly integrated.


Time to dive deeper! Extract 3D information from your surveys and craft intricate geometries that breathe life into your data. Thanks to our 3D projection capabilities, you can edit vector GIS layers while overlaying them onto field imagery. Once perfected, export your work in a variety of GIS/CAD formats, ensuring compatibility and accessibility.


Now comes the analytical powerhouse. Combine maps, aerial imagery, and raster tiles with the mobile mapping data you've captured. Analyse changes over time and project your vector GIS layers into the three-dimensional realm of field imagery. This integrated approach grants you a panoramic view of your data, illuminating insights that were previously hidden.

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