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USVs - Unmanned Surface Vehicles

Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) are vehicles that operate on the surface of the water without a crew. USVs have many applications similar to [Small Survey Boats] but have the advantages of being deployable without a crew. This makes USVs cheap and easy to use.

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USV with integrated ADCP and echosounder


Seafloor Systems

The HyDrone™ is a one-man portable, catamaran platform
developed for hydrographic survey applications. Working in
conjunction with the HydroLite™ portable echosoun


Seafloor Systems

The EchoBoat is an unmanned surface vehicle developed for hydrographic survey applications. This is a highly portable survey platform featuring; multi-payload capaci

Teledyne Oceanscience Z-Boat 1800 RP with Ruggedized Hull and Mounting Frame
Z-Boat 1800 RP

Teledyne Marine

The Z-Boat 1800 RP is the ultimate high performance portable remotely-operated hydrographic survey boat. Offering 8kt maximum operating speed, ADCP, side scan, and m

Teledyne Oceanscience Z-Boat 1250 Portable Shallow Water Unmanned Survey Vehicle
Z-Boat 1250

Teledyne Marine

Teledyne Oceanscience Z-Boats® are the number one choice for reliable, remotely controlled, hydrographic surveying in streams, rivers, lakes, and coastal waters arou

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