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About Hi-Target

Established in 1999, Hi-Target is a pioneering high-precision surveying and mapping instrument brand that has achieved a successful listing in China. Hi-Target is committed to investing heavily in research and development and specializes in providing a comprehensive range of integrated commercial solutions for various industries. Our offerings include surveying and engineering solutions, Mobile GIS, Hydrographic Survey Solutions, Monitoring Solutions, Machine Control Solutions, Precision Agriculture Solutions, and Correction Services. With a global workforce of approximately 2,500 employees, Hi-Target boasts a well-established network of 20 subsidiaries, 26 branches, and over 200 partners in more than 100 countries/regions. This extensive network allows us to efficiently serve and support our valued customers.
“Comprehensive product layout, including land survey, hydrographic survey, and aerial high-precision mapping solutions.”

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  • Building 13, Tian'An Technology Zone HQ Center, No.555, North of Panyu Road, Panyu District
  • +86 20 2288 3944


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