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HydroBoat 1200

Multi-Purpose USV Platform for Hydrographic Surveys and Monitoring

This autonomous vessel, which can be mounted with leading ADCP, side-scan sonar, dual-frequency sounder, multi-parameter water quality meter, image sonar, and more, stands poised as the quintessential partner for tasks encompassing current measurement, bathymetry, underwater survey, and water quality assessment.

Vastra Frolunda, SE


1.Unmatched  Versatility and Portability

A comprehensive platform that is designed especially for integrating with varied water measurement devices for hydrographic surveys and environmental monitoring. Its lightweight design and enhanced maneuverability facilitate operational flexibility in different instrument deployments and transportation for surveys between different sites.

2.Stability by Design

Hydrodynamically efficient design for the USV's intended operations, guided by CFD simulation, enhances hull stability and noise reduction under varied water conditions and loads.

3.Precision Instrumentation

Employing innovative merged GNSS+IMU algorithms, impervious to wind and current influences, the system achieves pinpoint accuracy in adhering to the designated course and hover stationary in its environment, such as waves, currents, and wind.

4.Comprehensive Safety Enhancement

360° security and precision. Built-in SBES, GNSS, IMU, 360° PTZ camera, millimeter-wave radar, and dual-color navigation lights ensure  accurate water depth and positioning data and provide all-around protection against boat grounding and collisions.

5.User-Friendly  Operation

Android software support for *kml and *DXF files, enabling easy path specification and  measurement ranges Setup.

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