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iBoat BS12 USV

Android-powered Multi-function USV

The iBoat BS12 is your ultimate partner for a wide range of tasks, offering compatibility with leading devices such as ADCP, side-scan sonar, dual-frequency sounder, multi-parameter water quality meters, image sonar, and more. Whether you require precise current measurements, bathymetry, underwater surveys, or water quality assessments, the iBoat BS12 stands ready to meet your every need.


The iBoat BS12, a visionary creation by Hi-Target, emerges as the embodiment of sophistication and simplicity, expertly designed for effortless operation across a multitude of applications.

Engineered with the latest CFD technology and boasting a sleek carbon fiber and Kevlar hull, the iBoat BS12 is as tough as it is elegant. Its corrosion-resistant construction ensures durability in even the harshest conditions.

Matched with the newly developed boat control system and a robust 40km range battery, it achieves a remarkable top speed of 6 m/s, all while maintaining stability in tumultuous waters. For precise navigational accuracy, the integrated IMU offers sub-meter positioning capabilities, making it ideal for areas with limited satellite coverage, such as beneath bridges or amidst tree cover. Safety takes center stage with the iBoat BS12, featuring an array of embedded technologies, including GNSS, SBES, IMU, a 360° Omnidirectional camera, and millimeter-wave radar. This comprehensive suite of features ensures the utmost safety and control for your missions.


1、Revolutionized Control System

Experience a more intuitive and user-friendly interface with our big-screen controller, powered by the new Android-based Hi-Survey Boat control system. Boost your productivity and enjoy a seamless user experience.

  • Trajectory tracking and hovering with adaptive waterflow

  • Easily import and plot tracks for seamless navigation

  • Get collision and shallow water warnings for added safety

  • 2.4G and 4G dual-channel connectivity makes no limitation on control distance

  • USV configuration and data collection can be all done in the software

  • Differential correction data transmission supported

  • One-click connection, auto bathymetry data collection

  • Real-time position and bathymetry data backup

2、Seamless Integration and Expansion

Equipped with a built-in positioning and directional GNSS receiver and high-precision SBES, the BS12 offers direct bathymetry capabilities. Furthermore, it enhances the measurement accuracy of ADCP and side scan sonar devices by providing critical position orientation and depth data.

  • IMU module to compensate for positioning accuracy

  • Hull design minimizes water resistance and boostsstability using CFD technology

  • Millimeter wave radar for collision prevention

  • 360° Omnidirectional camera for recording photos and videos

  • 240 mm moon pool for fitting different sizes of ADCP

  • Screw holes for side scan sonar installation

  • Exceeds IHO special order, CHS exclusive order & USACE New Work

  • Lightweight hull design for easier portability


  • Bathymetric survey

  • hydrographic surveying

  • Dredging & Navigation

  • Site selection of Dam

  • hydro power station

  • Reservoir Storage Survey

  • Flow measurement

  • Geomorphological survey

  • Emergency Rescue

  • Underwater salvage

  • Water Quality Survey

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More information


Android 7.0; Storage 5 GB; SD Card Supported

Distinguishable features

High compatibility


Draft [m]


Height [m]


Length [m]


Max. Weight of USV in air [kg]


Min. weight of USV in air [kg]




Thruster specifications


Width [m]


Communication and Control

Auto- control


Control parameters sent to the USV

Simultaneous Support for Ship-side Storage and Controller Broadcast

Type of Communication

2.4 GHz Wireless Technology (1.7 km); 4G Network

Navigation and Payload

Navigation sensors - optional

Manual or Auto-Pilot


iBoat BS12-brochure-EN-20231102(s).pdf
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iBoat BS12-brochure-EN-20231102(s).pdf
Other documents
  • Hi-Target catalog-20230907s.pdf
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