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Tecnologie per le Scienze della Terra e del Mare

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About Codevintec

Founded in June 1973 by Com.te Franco Faccioli, in more than 50 years Codevintec has become a reference point for high-tech instrumentation for Earth and Sea Sciences: terrestrial and marine geophysics, geology, monitoring of earthquakes and volcanoes, oceanography. It has a vocation for the introduction of new technologies and the development of new markets: > 1973 supply of the first interactive graphic system (CAD) in Europe, second in the world > the late 70s supply of the main components of the National Seismic Network > 1983 introduction of Georadar technology in Italy > 1986 import of the first GPS receiver for civil purposes in Italy > 1996 import of the first GPS*GLONASS receiver in Italy > 2002 complete renovation with digital systems and satellite telemetry of the INGV National Earthquake Center, considered one of the best in the world > 2005 first experimentation of MultiBeam data fusion (divers) and Laser Scanner (terrestrial) > 2007 supply of the world's first mobile laser scanner> 2012 opening of the MaRS Marine Rentals and Solutions division based in Rome > 2017 introduction of 3D Step Frequency georadar in Italy > 2020 design and production of its own CK-14 marine drone

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