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RedTail LiDAR Systems RTL-400

MEMS-based LiDAR system designed for small UAVs

The RedTail LiDAR System is a MEMS-based LiDAR system designed specifically to be flown on small UAVS up to 400 ft. The RTL-400 evenly distributes all points to the ground, generating high-resolution, highly accurate point clouds. Incorporating technology licensed from the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, the RTL-400 has a line scan rate of 400 lines per second, a PRR of 400,000 pulses per second, and offers a 3D line scan mode and a 2D raster scan mode, which can be selected on the fly.

  • RedTail LiDAR Systems RTL-400
RedTail LiDAR Systems
401 10th Street
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United States


RedTail LiDAR Systems' RTL-400 was designed specifically to provide high-resolution 3D images of objects on the ground from small drones flying at an altitude up to 400 feet.

Developed with technology licensed from the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL), the RTL-400 provides unique scanning capabilities for a wide range of applications – from precision agriculture to construction site monitoring and management.

The RTL-400 incorporates an innovative microelectromechanical system (MEMS) mirror-based laser scanner that rapidly and evenly distributes laser pulses to the ground, moving side-to-side 400 times each second.  This rapid line scan rate, coupled with a laser pulse rate of up to 400,000 pulses per second, yields point clouds that are unprecedented in resolution and density.

Unlike other LiDAR systems, the RTL-400 can be operated in two scanning modes.  In addition to the line scan mode, the RTL-400 offers a 30 x 30-degree raster scan mode for “stand and stare” missions.  The scanning mode can be selected on the fly, providing drone operators unmatched operational flexibility when planning and flying their missions.  

RTL-400 Specifications

Weight: 4.5 lbs
Dimensions: 6.1″ x 6.1″ x 7.7″
Altitude: 400 ft.
Wavelength: 1550 nm
Beam Diverence: 0.5 mrad
Pulse Repetition Rate up to 400 kHz
Scan Rate: 400 lines/sec
Returns Per Pulse: up to 5
Measurement Rate: up to 1 million points/sec
Power: 45 Watts
GNSS/IMU: Applanix APX-18


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About RedTail LiDAR Systems

RedTail LiDAR Systems is a division of 4D Tech Solutions, Inc., a company focused on providing innovative technology-based solutions to address government and commercial customer needs.  RedTail LiDAR System’s in-house technical expertise – coupled with a full suite of software and hardware design and manufacturing tools – allows us to develop custom LiDAR solutions for manned and unmanned vehicle applications.  4D Tech Solutions, Inc. is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned, HUBZone-certified small business.     

For more infromation contact: 

Bryson Begley

Marketing Manager


[email protected]



  • Year of last update
  • Year of introduction
  • Height [cm]
  • Length [cm]
  • Width [cm]
  • Weight [kg]
  • Power consumption
    50 watts
  • Power requirements
    18-24 Volt DC Source
  • Type of battery
  • Laser Class
    Class IIIb
  • Wavelength [nm]
  • Standard pulse length [ns]
  • Beam divergence [mrad]
  • Min. range of laser pulse [m]
  • Max. range of laser pulse [m]
  • Scanning method
    MEMS based mirror
  • Range accuracy [mm]
  • Scanning Speed [measurements p second]
  • multiple pulses in air
  • Min. pulse frequency [Hz]
  • Max. pulse frequency [Hz]
  • Max. field of view [degrees]
  • Max. number of recorded echoes per pulse
  • Number of GNSS positioning sensors
  • Type of GNSS positioning sensors
  • Typical positioning accuracy [cm]
  • Heading, Pitch and Role internally captured
  • Type of INS or IMU
    Applanix APX-18
  • Camera included
  • Mounting
    Customizable for UAV platforms
  • Requirements for compatible UAVs
  • Control and user interface
    RedTail Ground Control Station
  • Type of storage
    flash card
  • Max. storage space [mb]
  • Included software
    RedTail Point Cloud Generator Tool/Installer
  • Main applications
    RedTail Point Cloud Generator
  • Training, maintanence and support
    Contact RedTail Lidar Systems support for more information.

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