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About Zoller + Fröhlich

Zoller + Fröhlich continues to uphold its reputation as innovators and leaders in laser measurement technologies, ferrule machines, and harnessing components. The company's commitment to its rich history is evident through ongoing manufacturing and cutting-edge development of products in the realms of switch cabinets and special machinery. With over 50 years of experience, all products are exclusively developed and produced at Z+F Headquarters in Germany, where the company boasts a workforce of more than 240 employees.

Zoller + Fröhlich collaborates with dealers in over 40 countries, maintaining permanent subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and the United States, with approximately 20 employees. The laser scanning technology product portfolio includes the Z+F IMAGER® 5006h, Z+F IMAGER® 5006EX, Z+F IMAGER® 5010, Z+F IMAGER® 5010C, Z+F IMAGER® 5010X, Z+F IMAGER® 5016, Z+F PROFILER® 9012, along with software solutions like Z+F LaserControl® and Z+F LaserControl® Scout.

A recent addition to their lineup is the Z+F IMAGER® 5016, a brand-new laser scanner featuring a compact and lightweight design coupled with state-of-the-art laser scanning technology, enabling users to achieve new levels of performance. The scanner includes an integrated HDR camera with LED spots and a positioning system for automatic field registration, enhancing workflows and delivering added value to customer deliverables.

Z+F laser scanners are renowned for their exceptional performance, range, accuracy, and speed, while also adhering to the "eye-safe" standard, conforming to laser class 1 (ANSI standard).

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