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Wingtra LIDAR

Wingtra LIDAR

Efficient, reliable and easy-to-use LIDAR drone system

Wingtra's LIDAR technology elevates aerial surveying to unprecedented levels. Discover unparalleled effectiveness combined with ease of use and dependability, empowering you to secure more projects and enhance the quality of construction designs.

Zurich, CH


Maximize efficiency

  • Cover up to 360 hectares (890 acres) rapidly from a height of 90 meters (295 feet).

  • Enjoy hassle-free operation with no calibration required and a speedy one-minute setup.

  • Benefit from efficient post-processing through the Wingtra LIDAR application, ensuring quicker data delivery.

Streamline your operations

  • Facilitate seamless data gathering and analysis for users of any skill level

  • Easily transition to photogrammetry with our user-friendly GEN II plug-and-play system

  • Achieve versatile deployment with our VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) feature, allowing for launches and recoveries in diverse environments

Achieve precise and dependable data analysis

Get accurate and reliable insights 1.png
  • Confidence in accurate results from the outset

  • Base your designs on high-precision data to eliminate expensive revisions

  • Utilize the top-tier Hesai sensor and Inertial Labs IMU LIDAR kit for unparalleled accuracy

Wingtra LIDAR Application: Simplified Creation of Terrain Models

2024-wingtra-drone-LIDAR sensor-output screen 2 1.png
  • Transforming data into terrain models: A complete package—from gathering data to creating digital terrain models.

  • Effortless integration with WingtraOne: Seamlessly works with the WingtraOne GEN II drone for an efficient process.

  • Built for unmatched simplicity: Features an easy-to-navigate interface that makes LIDAR data handling accessible to users of all skill levels.



Distinguishable features

Easy-to-use, no calibration needed, reliable results, great strip alignements

Main applications

Greenfield surveys, Terrain mapping under vegetation

Physical Properties

Weight [kg]


Positioning System

Type of GNSS positioning sensors

NovAtel OEM7500

Type of INS or IMU

Inertial Labs Tactical-Grade IMU-P

Typical positioning accuracy [cm]


Data and Software

Included software

Wingtra LIDAR app


Year of introduction


Year of last update



Other documents
  • wingtra_lidar_drone_tech_specs.pdf
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