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SurPad 4.2

Android - Field Data Collection Software

Based on the Android platform, SurPad 4.2 is designed for assisting professionals to work efficiently on all types of land surveying and road engineering projects in the field. Combining with the international mainstream of surveying and mapping data acquisition function, it integrates with professional receiver control, point collection, stakeout, GIS data collection, road measurement, road design, cross-section measurement, and railway stakeout.


Powerful functions

Enjoy the powerful functions, including tilt survey, CAD, line stakeout, road stakeout, GIS data collection, COGO calculation, QR code scanning, FTP transmission, etc.

Easy-to-use UI

Freely choose the desired display style, including list, grid and customized style, and enjoy easy operations with graphic interaction, including COGO calculation, QR code scanning, FTP transmission, etc.

Compatible with any Android devices

Use it in all Android devices, including eSurvey handhelds, Android phones, tablets and other third-party Android devices.

Abundant import and export formats

Directly import and export files with frequently used formats and customized formats.

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GNSS data and processing

GNSS static / RTK data collection


CAD functions

CAD functions for Internal measured building surveys


CAD functions for open drainage modelling


CAD functions for Rail applications


CAD functions for Road applications


CAD functions for Site development applications


CAD functions for Industrial plant applications



Software version


Mobile (real time connected to instrument)


Laptop / Office computer (post processing)


Integrated environment for

GNSS data


GNSS + dead reckoning data (Mobile Mapping)


TPS data


Point cloud data


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