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SingularPad Field Surveying Software

Professional Assistant For Your Projects

SingularPad is fully functional as a field surveying software, equipped with complete work modes and necessary functions for surveyors, which supports both GNSS receivers and total stations. In order to provide professional users with better working experience, SingularPad is designed with more advanced features, such as more import formats, more calculation tools, stake out accuracy analysis, auto-sketching by codes, CAD layer editing and etc.



SingularPad is fully functional as a field surveying software, equipped with complete work modes and necessary functions for surveyors. Projection/datum configuration, GSM/radio/PDA CORS work modes, point survey/stake out/CAD sketch/COGO calculation and etc. can all be found in SingularPad.


In order to provide professional users with a better working experience, SingularPad is designed with more advanced features, such as more import formats, more calculation toolsstake-outut accuracy analysis, auto-sketching by codes, CAD layer editing and etc.


To meet the rapidly developed GNSS industry and user requirements, SingularPad is constantly being upgraded with new features. Any suggestions and demands from users are welcome and will be added as soon as possible. With SingularPad, you will enjoy software services never out of date.


  • Auto-Sketching: Automatically generate different polyline layers independently by selecting different codes and then measuring.
  • CAD Sketching: Detailed CAD sketching function, including line, polygon, spline, circle and etc. Each layer is editable.
  • Custom Surveying Interface: Users can customize the information display content and measurement function menu according to their working scenarios to meet their own usage habits and needs.
  • Convenient Point Stakeout: Multiple guidance and prompting methods for your easy point stakeouts, such as guideline or compass guidance, forward direction or reference point reference. Moreover, SingularPad also provides a stakeout accuracy analysis function for your precise stakeout.
  • Multiple Stakeout Modes: SingularPad supports multiple stakeout work modes, including point stakeout, line stakeout, DSM stakeout, CAD stakeout and road stakeout. For each stakeout mode, SingularPad also supports abundant file formats for your import.
  • AB Line Surveying: Specially designed for precision agriculture systems, this feature allows users to easily measure AB guidance lines with mobile RTK devices. Farmers do not need to drive tractors across the large farms to generate guidance lines, which largely saves resources and energy.

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GNSS data and processing

GNSS static / RTK data collection


GNSS setting out


Input data formats supported

*.csv, *.dat, *.txt, *.raw, *.rw5, *.kml, *.kmz, *.ncn, *.pxy, *.crd, *.sl, *.crd, *.cot, *.loc, *.cdb, *.rob, *.RP, *.LE, *.RE, *.REC, *.ip, *.dy, *.rod, *.road, *.xy, *.PHI, *.SEC, *.sjw, *.xml, *.tnb, *.dxf, *.dwg and user-defined

Static baseline post-processing


Base and rover RTK


Network RTK


CAD functions

CAD functions for Internal measured building surveys


CAD functions for Rail applications


Output formats supported

*.dxf, *.dwg


Mobile (real time connected to instrument)


Integrated environment for

GNSS data


Point cloud data


Transformation between map projections


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