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The Ultimate Corridor Mapping System

Survey-Grade (cm-level) accuracy with 250m+ laser range and outstanding intensity calibration on high altitude and high-speed missions.


The RANGER-ULTRA is an airborne laser scanner with an impressive combination of weight, range, accuracy and pulse rate. It is equipped with a unique forward and rear looking FOV designed to minimize laser shadowing and provide geometry on complex vertical structures on a single pass. With its wide field of view of 100 degrees and an extremely fast pulse repetition rate of up to 1.8 MHz, the RANGER-ULTRA is perfectly suited for high point density corridor mapping applications such as power line, railway track and pipeline inspection. 


  • Modular and upgradable for maximum project flexibility, supporting single/dual RGB, and multispectral cameras.

  • Easily mountable to unmanned platforms (UAVs) and to helicopters, gyrocopters, and other small manned aircraft.

  • Operating flight altitude up to 720 m / 2,350 ft.

  • Scan speed up to 400 lines/second.

  • 3 faceted mirror (-10, 0, +10°) creates a virtual multilaser for improved mapping of vertical surfaces.

Quick Specs:

  • Absolute Accuracy = 25-50 mm @ 350 m range.

  • Weight = 3 kg / 6.5 lbs.

  • Dimensions = 242 x 117 x 215 mm.

  • Pulse Rate = 1800 kHz, up to 15 returns.

  • Laser Range = 760 m @ 20% reflectivity.

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Main applications

Utility Infrastructure, Railway Track Mapping, Agriculture & Forestry Open Pit Mining, General Mapping

Distinguishable features

High altitude laser

Training, maintanence and support

1 year warranty on defective hardware or software issues. Training and support can be included with purchase.

Measurement Characteristics

Range accuracy [mm]


Max. pulse frequency [Hz]


Max. field of view [degrees]


Max. number of recorded echoes per pulse


Scanning method

rotating, multifaceted mirror

Scanning Speed [measurements p second]


multiple pulses in air


Min. pulse frequency [Hz]


Recording of intensity of return signal [bits]


Physical Properties

Height [cm]


Length [cm]


Width [cm]


Weight [kg]


Water and dust proof


Laser Pulse Characteristics

Wavelength [nm]


Beam divergence [mrad]


Min. range of laser pulse [m]


Max. range of laser pulse [m]


Laser Class

Class 1

Power Supply

Power consumption

60W typical

Power requirements


Type of battery

recommended 6S LiPO

Positioning System

Type of INS or IMU

Several different IMU choices, including both FOG and MEMS IMUs.

Number of GNSS positioning sensors


Type of GNSS positioning sensors

GNSS unit that supports mutli-band signal tracking for all constelations, dual antenna functionality, and up to 100 Hz data rate.

Typical positioning accuracy [cm]


Heading, Pitch and Role internally captured


Gyroscopes Bias In-Run stability [deg p hr]

Dependent on IMU choice

Operation Characteristics


Easily mountable to unmanned platforms (UAVs) and to helicopters, gyrocopters, and other small manned aircrafts.

Requirements for compatible UAVs

Phoenix Dovetail

Camera included


Camera specifications

Depends on camera

Control and user interface

PC software interface capable of displaying real time, georeferenced returns via 5.8 GHz WiFi connection, or a more simplified push-button interface.

Data and Software

Type of storage

flash card

Max. storage space [mb]


Included software

Includes software for point cloud creation and data acquisition - trajectory processing software can also be purchased.


Year of last update


Year of introduction


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