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PAS 880

PAS 880

Bringing a New Dimension to Aerial Mapping

Phase One introduces its impressive PAS 880 Large Format Nadir and Oblique System. A 280MP nadir camera with four 150MP oblique cameras is integrated into a single pod to simultaneously capture photogrammetric 2D and 3D digital imagery.


Phase One introduces its impressive 880MP Large Format  Nadir and Oblique Integrated System. It combines the best of both nadir and oblique cameras into one powerful multi-use solution. With one  280MP nadir and four 150MP oblique cameras, the system provides over 20,000 pixels across flight lines for the nadir and 14,000 pixels per oblique sensor. Phase One’s excellent image quality together with precise metric calibration, allows the PAS 880 to achieve the highest quality and accuracy of mapping imagery with an unbeatable performance of 2 frames per second.

The light and compact system is controlled by a new generation of Phase One software enabling the planning and execution of efficient aero photography missions. The combination of 90mm/150mm lenses for nadir and oblique ensures balanced ground resolution products for all cameras. The central leaf shutter provides speed up to 1/2500 sec. eliminating motion blur while the 3,76 µm BSI pixels ensures sharp images under any light condition. Simple to install and operate, the PAS 880 offers dual views for the pilot and navigator, streamlining the management of flight and image collection. The system is ready for remote diagnostics and future updates.

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Integrated, Trimble Applanix AP+ , Applanix IMU91/IMU57

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