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iX Suite

iX Suite

Quality assurance from flight planning to final image delivery

With iX Suite, you can manage aerial mapping projects, from planning the mission to delivering the final images for photogrammetry. iX Suite Process ensures that all mission-critical data is collected and handled efficiently. Quality control is easy and robust with the software, beginning with your flight planning, through the flight, and towards the post-flight review, minimizing effort and securing your on-time project delivery, image quality, and budget.


Main Features:

iX Plan - Mission Planning Tool

A mission planning tool that plans the image collection 3D location using the customer requirements, the 3D terrain data, and the sensor characteristics.

iX Flight Pro - Flight and Sensor Management Tool

A flight and sensor management tool allows the pilot and the operator to manage and control aero-photogrammetry missions easily. iX Flight uses the flight plan to present directions to the pilot and provides the operator with sensor and flight management tools.

It includes image geographical presentation and in-flight replanning to ensure mission success. Rich settings tables enable customization and adaptations for various system configurations.

iX Process - Mission Review, QA and Image Export

It is the ultimate review station and tool for converting images to commercial formats. iX Process presents the images in a geographical context and enables you to automatically select relevant images, resolve duplications, and ensure flight parameters are met.

The software also provides planning feedback for cases where re-flight may be needed. iX Process saves time and disk space with the easy selection of relevant images for generating a “working set,” which can be converted to TIFF and JPG formats.

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