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iX Controller MK5

Faster, more productive image capture

The iX Controller offers a robust onboard command center that addresses the challenges of aerial data acquisition and improves your productivity on airborne mapping missions. A precision GNSS-Inertial is now integrated inside the controller simplifying the setup of Phase One Aerial Systems and making direct georeferencing possible without ground control points. A range of integrated GNSS-inertial and IMU options is available for the iX Controller MK5.


Main Features

  • Controls up to 6 cameras and gyro-stabilizing mount
  • Rapid data transfer
  • High-capacity storage with robust removable dual protective SSD trays
  • Simplified aerial system setup with integrated GNSS-Inertial unit
  • Direct connectivity with Applanix IMU – multiple upgrade options for higher accuracy
  • Easy integration with any aircraft
  • Compact, low-power, lightweight, and rugged construction
  • Meets airborne environmental operational requirements
  • Pre-installed with Phase One capture and flight management software
  • Backward compatibility with previous iX Controller setups

Phase One Aerial System configurations with iX Controller MK5

GNSS-inertial features

  • High-performance, survey-grade multi-frequency integrated GNSS-Inertial receiver.
  • Lower field costs: When direct geo-referencing is used, the number of ground control points established by the survey crew is significantly reduced, and as a result, field costs decrease.
  • Faster completion: For many photo projects, the aerotriangulation (AT) step is eliminated, reducing processing time significantly, which is a major factor in rapid response applications.
  • Seamless workflows: Data workflow and quality control is streamlined and automated, which allows tight project deadlines to be met with a smaller ground survey in less time.
  • POSPac MMS post-processing software bundle includes Carrier Phase DGPS processing, integrated GNSS-Inertial processing, and optional photogrammetry toolset for EO generation, IMU boresight calibration, and quality control.

GNSS/IMU configurations for variable accuracy levels

Different GNSS-Inertial configurations are available to meet your application and accuracy levels requirements. High-altitude flights for direct georeferencing applications usually require the iX Controller MK5-AP610 configuration, and low-altitude flights for aero-triangulation applications usually use the iX Controller MK5-AP310 configuration.

  • iX Controller MK5-AP180 (IMU – 69)
  • iX Controller MK5-AP310 (IMU – 82)
  • iX Controller MK5-AP510 (IMU – 91)
  • iX Controller MK5-AP610 (IMU – 57)

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