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Phase One P3 Payload

Unmatched inspection productivity and versatility

The Phase One P3 Payload provides a customizable solution for all your inspection needs. Choose your drone, your camera, and your lens, from our selection, to get all the finest details in one shot. Our iXM cameras are uniquely designed for UAVs and are fast, highly responsive, robust, and easily integrate with drones for diverse inspection and mapping missions.

  • Phase One P3 Payload
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P3 DJI – Ready for flight​

The P3 payload for the DJI M300 is a ready-for-flight plug and play solution, that gets you started from day one, with the tools you already have, to deliver better value to your customers.

P3 DJI provides:

  • Turnkey integration with the DJI Pilot App eliminating the need to retrain your pilots
  • Increased productivity through an extended lens offering
  • Maximum utilization and uptime of your existing M300 fleet by opening up new application opportunities



P3 Mavlink – Ready for integration

The P3 payload for MAVLink is designed to significantly reduce your time to market by fast-tracking your integration efforts. You have the freedom to customize the integration to your specific platform and application requirements.

P3 MAVLink provides:

  • Full compatibility with your MAVLink drone enabling you to offer it as a turnkey solution for new markets
  • Complete documentation of the open-source software, and electrical and mechanical interface, making the integration a breeze
  • Your choice of MAVLink Ground Control Software through the MAVLink Camera Protocol




  • Year of initial development
  • Stabilization System Type
    3 Axis
  • Operation Area
  • Integrated functions
    Manual Capture, Auto capture, Live Video, ISO, Shutter Speed, Exposure, AE, Focus Distance, AF
  • Platform weight [kg]
  • Payload weight (max) [kg]

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