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Bathymetric survey with Remote control of CK-14 ASV


During the Technology For All, a technology conference in Rome, we showcased the remarkable capabilities of the CK-14 marine drone and its remote control through LTE connection. This marine drone was equipped with a Multibeam Echosounder, along with a highly precise inertial navigation system, by Applanix. This advanced combination of technologies allowed for the surveying of a designated area in the Fiumicino touristic marina


The monitoring area was in the Fiumicino touristic marina between moored boats, so we can demonstrated how easy it is to operate the marine drone even in tight spaces.


Thanks to LTE connection, we were able to connect the PC and smartcontroller in the conference room to the CK-14 100km away. This is the advantage of having LTE connectivity: no limits on distance and range.

During the presentation, visitors had the opportunity to test the CK-14 system and complete data acquisition via 4G connection, noting the ease of use and being surprised by the speed and response time of the system.


CK-14 was equipped with a multibeam echosounder, an Applanix high-precision inertial navigation system and a first-person camera. This demonstration showcased how to manage the CK-14 in different modes: auto or manual. For the auto routes, they were created using the drone's autonomous navigation software: this ensured correct and complete data acquisition. The manual mode allows to manage the CK-14 with total freedom.


PDS, a software developed by Teledyne, allows to control and monitoring the MBES in real time. With Teledyne PDS you only need one software suite to collect, process and deliver data within the same workflow.


In terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness, the remote use of Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs), particularly the CK-14, allows, for instance, to perform environmental monitoring in a high-risk area avoiding the risk of accidents to the operators. Thanks to its lightweight design and ease of transportation, the CK-14, proudly manufactured by Codevintec, offers versatility and adaptability to meet diverse requirements. Whether it's a basic singlebeam configuration or advanced setups like multibeam, Side Scan Sonar, or ADCP, the CK-14 can be customized to suit needs and applications.

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