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Codevintec CK-14

ASV Made in Italy for bathymetric surveys and more

CK-14 is an USV CE marked designed and manufactured entirely by Codevintec. It is made of carbon fiber and Kevlar that give it maximum lightness and strength for all kinds of use. It's extremely small and this allows to use the CK-14 also in shallow water contexts. It can be outfitted with different types of scientific instrumentation for bathymetric surveys, morphological type surveys or current meter surveys and more. CK-14 can be purchased or rented(subject to review by the tech department)



CK-14 is designed and built entirely by Codevintec. It is an ASV CE marked in Carbon-Kevlar material and these materials make the ASV very light (only 15kg). CK-14 is a portable system developed for coastal, ports, rivers and lakes survey applications, but also quarries, mines, purification plants and more.

Easy to transport

It is extremely small. Its dimensions are 140x90x45cm and thanks to a design based on nautical principles it has a good flotation. The draft is only 20cm, depending on the payload being used, and this allows us to use the CK-14 in shallow water contexts. The large removable lid, free of any superstructure, allows easy access to the inside of the hull to operate the instrumentation, on-board equipment and batteries. There are 4 handles (two on one side and two on the other side) for its handling. Also there is an eyebolt and a carrier rollbar. This rollbar can host antennas, cameras or other accessories. These features make the CK-14 easily transportable even by a single person in an ordinary car.


Its moon pool is very large (32x25 cm) and it can host different types of instruments (single beam, multibeam, ADCP, Side Scan Sonar, Sub Bottom Profiler) for a maximum of 40kg. This allows for the use of batteries that give it a range of up to 12 hours depending on the set-up. Batteries are easy to find: 16A lithium polymer.


The propellers are brushless and therefore low-maintenance; they are also protected directly by the hull to avoid any possible damage during use and during transport and handling.


The Sestante autopilot, entirely designed by Codevintec, incorporates the remote driving, self-piloting and control and management functions of the on-board computer on which the instruments are interfaced. It consists of an on-board module, a compact ground control station and a remote control with integrated 7" touch screen display.
SESTANTE allows driving the vehicle in various modes: RF (radio frequency, with proximity range); Long-range Wi-Fi (with ranges up to 5km); LTE (using a VPN connection in 4G and without distance limits) and in autopilot.

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