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Singlebeam Echosounders - SBES

Singlebeam Echosounders are used to measure the depth to the seafloor by using the properties of acoustic waves. The time lag between the sound being emitted and the returning echo is used to calculate the water depth beneath the boat. We create and maintain this list of single beam echo sounders manufacturers to offer a good product overview and an easy way to compare echosounders and get in touch with manufacturers. We also offer a similar overview of multi beam echo sounders.

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ECT D032 / EU D032
ECT D032 / EU D032


Ultracompact dual-frequency echosounder (30kHz & 200kHz) for altitude measurement, sediment move monitoring, bridge scour monitoring, harbour security and wave/tide

Kongsberg  EK80 Portable Entry singlebeam-echosounders - Compare With Similar Products on Geo-Matching.Com
EK80 Portable Entry

Kongsberg Maritime

EK80 Portable Entry bundle comprises:
A rugged transceiver, WBT Mini
Echoview post-processing module
A transducer ES38-18/200-18


Teledyne Marine

A portable, compact and robust echosounder designed for survey in all environments allowing you to maximize your utilization of the equipment and reducing your costs

Echologger ETH400


Precision altimeter with through-hull mounting mechanism wiht Dual frequency (200/450kHz) version available (ETH D24).

Geomatching | Wuxi HY1602

Wuxi Haiying-Cal Tec Marine Technology

HY1602 Dual Frequency Echo Sounder System, with DSP and digital imaging technology, embedded industrial control system and data acquisition software, is an all-in-on

Geomatching | CEE HydroSystems CEEPULSE

CEE HydroSystems

Echologger EA400, autonomous echosounder
Autonomous Echosounder EA400


EA400 is unique in the market as an Autonomous Echosounder with many useful practical features.
It measures acoustic backscatter data along the full water columns

Geomatching | CEE HydroSystems CEESCOPE

CEE HydroSystems

This All In One hydro survey system features integrated RTK GNSS positioning, a dual channel echo sounder with full water column recording, internal data logging and

Geomatching | EchoLogger ECS400 (Connector type)
ECS400 (Connector type)


ECT D052 (& EU D052) Dual freq. Echosounder
ECT D052 (& EU D052) Dual freq. Echosounder


Ultracompact dual frequency echosounder (50kHz & 200kHz) for altitude measurement, sediment move monitoring, bridge scour monitoring, harbour security and wave/tide

What is a singlebeam echo sounder?

A single beam echosounder is a sonar instrument that measures the travel time of a sonar signal in two directions, which, if the speed of sound is known, gives the local water depth. A single beam sonar can also detect echoes from object in the water column and can thus be used for fishing or detecting subsurface objects. Further analysis of the echo signal can also provide information about the type of seabed.

Despite the development and increasing use of multibeam echosounders (MBES), singlebeam echosounders are still commonly utilized in surveying projects. A SBES can only measure one position per transmitted acoustic echo wave (echo). The beam angle and frequency of the transducer's transmitted acoustic wave are important factors. Sonar parameters can be configured to offer water depth capabilities ranging from shallow waters to deep ocean depths.

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