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Multibeam Echosounders

Multibeam Echosounders are a type of sonar that is used to map the seafloor. Like other sonar systems, multibeam systems emit sound waves in a fan shape beneath a ship's hull. The amount of time it takes for the sound waves to bounce off the seabed and return to a receiver is used to determine water depth.

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Geomatching | Kongsberg EM 2040D
EM 2040D

Kongsberg Maritime

The EM 2040 multibeam echo sounder is the first system to bring all the advanced features of deep water multibeams to the near bottom sounding environment..

Teledyne SeaBat 7150 Multibeam Sonar
SeaBat 7150

Teledyne Marine

The ultimate in flexibility, RESON’s SeaBat 7150 system combines hi-res performance with an advanced modular design. Select 24kHz for ultra-high resolution in

Geomatching | Kongsberg M3 Sonar
M3 Sonar®

Kongsberg Maritime

The Kongsberg Mesotech M3 Sonar is a multibeam system with both imaging and profiling capabilities. The M3 Sonar provides high-resolution and easy to interpret image

Geomatching | Kongsberg GeoSwath 4R 250 kHz
GeoSwath 4R 250 kHz

Kongsberg Maritime

Portable wide angle multibeam and co-registered side scan in a splash proof deck unit suitable for use in depths to 100m

GeoSwath 4 250 kHz
GeoSwath 4 250 kHz

Kongsberg Maritime

Wide angle multibeam and co-registered sidescan for depths to 200 metres

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