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An integral part of your reality capture workflow converting any point cloud into easy-to-use segmented 3D intelligent mesh models.

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About PointFuse

PointFuse automatically converts any source of point cloud into intelligent, segmented 3D mesh models. It does this by automatically converting points to surfaces reducing file sizes by up to 90% outputting Megabytes not Gigabytes.  Users can then select and quickly classify groups of objects within PointFuse. Do this to isolate features, such as walls, floors, pipework or steel frames. When exported using the industry standard IFC or FBX formats, the intelligent mesh model maintains this classification, making it easily recognisable within third part modeling software.  The benefits of classificaiton are: Only the objects that are most relevant will be uploaded and shared Eliminates unnecessary data transfer Makes production of the final model significantly quicker and easier Provides accurate, highly detailed models, in useful data formats, within a few hours These intelligent meshes and connections to downstream modelling and project management software mean the data can be easily understood and shared across the whole project team, enabling better decision making. PoinFuse has been designed to be easy to use. The time to process is extremely fast, with users typically reporting a 70% time saving across their workflow providing, savings of time and budget, and enabling almost 'real-time' collaboration.
“" A project that would have taken 3 weeks using a point cloud was delivered as a mesh in just 2 days"”
John Hemmingway, Senior Project Manager Hatch

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