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FJD Trion P1 LiDAR Scanner

New Demensions Unfold

Whether you are a seasoned laser scanning pro or just curious about capturing your world in 3D, a walk around the site with the SLAM-empowered FJD Trion P1 lets you digitize your environment quickly and accurately.


Easy Reality Capture

The FJD Trion P1 is designed for grab-and-go scanning missions.

  • Relative Accuracy: Up to 2 cm

  • Scanning Range: 40 m @ 10% reflectivity

  • LiDAR FOV: 360° × 59°

  • 200,000 pts/s

  • Lightweight and Portable: 1.15 kg / 2.51 lbs

  • Real-time Point Cloud: Visualize your mission on Trion Scan

Indoor, Outdoor, Underground, all Day Long

Advanced SLAM technology on the P1 lets you map the environment with intricate details inside and outside. Buildings, tunnels, forests, pipes, or even accident scenes can be captured in minutes. You don’t need to worry about lighting either, as long as you can point the P1 at an object, you will be able to see it recreated before your eyes.

Compact Design that Packs a Whole Lot of Performance

The P1 weighs only 1.15 kg with the fisheye camera and grip battery. You can put it in a messenger bag and bring it anywhere easily. A quick battery swap will let you work all day, with each battery lasting 2 hours.

A Simple Workflow

Capture data

Walk and scan with the P1, while viewing the real-time point cloud data on your mobile device via FJD Trion Scan. Check for data completeness and note the loop closure numbers to ensure enough data is captured for proper post-processing. A stadium with a 550-meter diameter only takes 7 minutes to capture.

Analyze data

The P1 produces universal point cloud data formats in las, pcd, pts, and ply. Download and import the field data into the Trion Model point cloud processing software or a compatible third party software program to classify, register, and calculate point cloud data for your specific application.

The optimized processing speed allows you to process a project in 1/3 of the time it takes to capture the data.

Generate a variety of deliverables

Generate deliverables such as contour maps, distance, area, and volume calculations, floor plans, tree and forest analyses, and 3D models like BIM, DEM, and 3D mesh.

Multiple Configurations

Integrate the P1 into your workflow to maximize efficiency in data capture. Capture RGB videos with the fisheye camera, or generate georeferenced point cloud data with an RTK rover attachment.

Application Scenarios

Property Management and Assessment

Assess structural integrity, plan spaces, and identify areas in need of repair or renovation. Reduce uncertainty in investment decisions with insights from a rich spatial dataset.

Public Safety

Leverage point cloud data to enhance disaster preparedness and recovery plans. Quickly record evidence and crime or accident scenes for immediate and accurate forensic documentation.


Make more informed decisions on your projects from blueprint to QA/QC with building surveys, scan to CAD&BIM, as-built documentation, floor plans, and stockpile volumes.

Media and Entertainment

Craft new realities based on real-world inspirations. Whether you're creating video games, virtual tours, or cinematic environments, capture the essence of both indoor and outdoor settings.

Forestry and Vegetation Analysis

Manage and monitor tree inventory with a quick walk in the forest. Measure crowns, analyze breast diameter and tree height using precise point cloud data.


Facilitate communications between teams before and during robotics deployment. Plan routes and enhance robot obstacle avoidance with 2D maps and 3D models of the environment.

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Total Weight [kg]


Year of introduction



Main applications

Point cloud model, BIM, volume calculation, area calculation, forestry, mining, asset digitization, disaster preparedness

Main users

BIM, AEC professionals, mining professionals, game designers, real estate, property management, property valuation, forensic teams, firefighters.

Scanning Characteristics

3D measurement accuracy [mm]



No calibration needed

Color registration


Data aquisition speed (points p/second)


Laser Class

Class 1/λ 905nm

Max. horizontal field of view [deg]


Max. Range [mm]


Max. vertical field of view [deg]


Min. Range [mm]


Scanning Speed

550 m diameter stadium scanned in 7 min

wavelength light source [nm]


Operation Characteristics

Operating temperature: max. [°C]


Operating temperature: min. [°C]


Humidity range [%]



Battery type

Grip battery

Scan time per battery [h]


More information

Distinguishable features

Ultra lightweight, multiple configurations, fast LiDAR mapping


max. size of model [points]


Mesh as output


Other Formats

.las, .pts, .pcd, .ply

Real time visualization during scanning


Software name

FJD Trion Model

Connectivity and Sensors





Other Sensors and Ports

External camera for colourized point clouds. RTK for georeferenced point clouds.

USB Port




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