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Applanix POSPac MMS

GNSS/INS Direct Georeferencing software for air, land, and marine applications

Applanix POSPac Mobile Mapping Suite, now with Trimble CenterPoint RTX, is Applanix' next generation, industry-leading software for Direct Georeferencing of mobile mapping sensors using GNSS and inertial technology. Optimized for all environments and platforms (air, land, and marine) and compatible with a variety of mapping sensors, this smart software solution achieves both maximum accuracy and maximum efficiency for Direct Georeferencing.



  • PP-RTX® (Post-Processed RTX): Process your trajectory without a base station. This service works globally within minutes after data acquisition.

  • SmartBase: Process your trajectory with multiple free base stations (the database holds thousands of stations worldwide) to overcome short baseline restrictions.

  • Network License: Perpetual and Term License Support in the network environment. Local checkout license support for field jobs.

  • Survey Base Station Coordinates: Use static CenterPoint RTX® to survey in your base station coordinates.

  • LiDAR QC: Calibrate the boresight angles of your LiDAR and adjust the trajectory based on LiDAR Data.

  • Camera QC: Calibrate the boresight angles of your camera and/or run quality control of your image data.

  • Batch Processing: Process your data in batch command line mode to automate your production.

  • Multi-Single Base Processing: Optimized for corridor mapping projects.

  • Intuitive GUI and smart Plots: Quick user learning and smart plots to evaluate results.

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