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AG360Pro GNSS Automated Steering System

AG360Pro GNSS Automated Steering System

For Precision Agriculture

AG360Pro is an automated steering system, that easily retrofits all maintream tractors and other vehicles. With Quatum III technology, it can greatly improve the operation efficiency of agricultural machinery by the centimeter-level accuracy of repeated farming operations and 24-hour uninterrupted work. Farmers can immediately benefit from lower labor costs, less fuel and fertilizer input, and higher field output.



Easy to use: 

Easy configuration and operation for new users

High accuracy within 2.5cm: 

High torque motor for precise navigation

Stable network: 

Dual SIM & dual standby

Various AB line forms: 
Suitable for high speed and complex terrain
Rugged Design:
IP65 proof level for harsh environment Industry-level design Highly integrated for multi-function

Remote Monitoring:
Remote control and upgrade Online real-time monitoring of the machine position & working status

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Type of control

Active and passive

System components and use

GNSS tablet, intelligent steering whel, motor, GNSS pole, angle sensor, hub, base(optional)

Direction of control

Forward and backward

Type of steering mechanism and/or actuators




Lightbar included


Year of introduction


More information

Distinguishable features

Absolute accuracy in challenging environments and difficult terrains, intuitive software to control, extended durability in farming environments, work with your favorite RTK correction sources from 4G RTK networks or UHF RTK stations.


Remote control of vehicles


Feedback from tractor required


Allows for unrestricted manual steering


Row spacing maintanence


Double steering


Compatibility and Interoperability

Compatible displays or consoles

P300 Plus B Tablet


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Other documents
  • SinoGNSS Precision Agriculture AG360Pro Autosteer System
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