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Teledyne Marine

DiveNET: 5X5
DiveNET: 5X5

Beringia Enterprises LLC

• Unmatched signal range and reception
• Integrated support for diver tracking option
• Individual and broadcast transmission
• Channels: 8
• Range: 2,000 m

Sparton PHOD-1
Sparton PHOD-1

Sparton Navigation and Exploration

icListen SC2
icListen HF

Ocean Sonics

Ocean Sonics designs and manufactures icListen, the world’s first smart digital hydrophone. Compact and easy to use, its small size makes it the perfect tool for sou

Launch Box
Launch Box

Ocean Sonics

Using smart hydrophones is now even easier thanks to Ocean Sonics’ new Launch Box. Launch Box is a compact, portable deck box created to ensure your sound data colle

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