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Multibeam Echo Sounder | Sidescan Soanr | Imaging Sonar

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About Hydro-Tech

Focus on acoustic sounding technology, Hydro-Tech had developed different products widly appied in underwater exploration industry. Nowadays Hydro-Tech owns completely independent and controllable core technologies in Hydrographic surveying and still commits to constant iterative innovation. With these years technology accumulation, we can not only develop, but also manufacture full series of sonar products and related auxiliary devices too, including the models listed below. Multi-beam Echo Sounder: MS400P, MS400U & MS8200; Side Scan Sonar: SS3060, SS900F & ES Series; Sound Velocity Sensor & Profiler: SVS1500, SVP1500; Many of them had shown great performance and high quality. That’s why we can win customers loyalty & so many industry awards. We are very proud that Hydro-Tech sonars have occupied the leading market share in China. Tailor-made Capability Besides standard products, we can also take advantage of our strong R & D knowhow and hydrographic expertise to provide thoughtful consulting service, customized products or one-stop solution for special project requirement.

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