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Smart Android Total Station

The HTS-720 is Hi-Target's latest total station that features a large, high-definition touch screen, Android operating system, and new Android measurement software. The HTS-720 offers a built-in camera and a high-performance CAD engine, making it easy to use and efficient for measuring and staking out points.


Large, high-definition touchscreen

The large, high-definition touch screen makes it easy to see and interact with the HTS-720's user interface. It also makes it easier to input data and view measurements.

Android operating system

The Android operating system makes the HTS-720 more user-friendly and accessible to a wider range of users. It also allows for future updates and improvements to the software.

New Android measurement software

The new Android measurement software is designed to be more intuitive and efficient than the previous software. It also includes new features that make it easier to measure and stake out points.

Built-in camera

The built-in camera can be used to record points and lines for future reference. It can also be used for visual stakeout, which makes it easier to find points on the ground.

High-performance CAD engine

The high-performance CAD engine makes it easy to select stakeout points and lines with just one click. This makes the entire stakeout process more intuitive and efficient.

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Year of introduction


Year of last update


Display Panel

5.5" touch screen, 720*1440

User Interface

Color display


Data Storage & Connectivity

Internal memory [GB]




Bluetooth {Y/N}


Power Supply


High-energy lithium battery


7.4V 5000m4h






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