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Teledyne Marine rapidCAST™

​Underway sound velocity measurements

• Rapid underway sound velocity profiles at up to 12 kts
• Repeatable automated profiling to >500 m at 5 kts
or deeper at slower speeds
• ±5% depth accuracy versus target
• Automatic Bluetooth data download after every profile
• Lightweight portable system
• Fast single-person mobilization
• Small footprint allows installation on practically any vessel
• Only seven-minute cycle time to 200 m @ 8 kts

  • Teledyne Marine rapidCAST™
Teledyne Marine
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The rapidCAST™ system gives surveyors the ability to eliminate survey downtime and minimize bathymetry data uncertainty associated with challenging sound velocity conditions. The automated profiler offers SV casts to >500m at 5kts without the requirement of an operator on deck; simply enter the depth of profile required into the software running on the survey PC and the rapidCAST deploys and recovers the probe safely. With a minimal deck footprint, ability to be quickly mobilized on practically any survey vessel, and high quality direct-reading SV probe, the portable rapidCAST provides near real time SV data for the survey system.

rapidCAST Components and Operation

Using a revolutionary patented active line payout system with precise tension control, effects of vessel speed and heave are eliminated to allow the freefalling SV probe to maintain an extremely consistent drop rate after being released. Falling at up to 5m/s in the deep profiling mode or 2.5m/s in the shallow mode with a retarding float, the probe descends until it reaches the target depth entered into the control PC software. After applying the brake at the target depth, the rapidCAST automatically starts recovering the probe to a designated hold position behind the ship. When reaching the hold position the profile data is automatically uploaded to the survey PC by a wireless data link and the system is immediately ready to perform the next cast.

Avoiding a large and costly conducting cable tether is the key to achieving the rapidCAST's spectacular profiling depth capability, short turnaround time between casts, and portability. While underway at up to 12kts the rapidCAST system will deliver actual cast depths within ±5% of the target depth. The high capacity spool loaded with low diameter but extremely strong line allows deployment of the probe to a depth of 1200m for low speed or stationary casts. Surveyors can be sure they will get the data they need with the minimum of operator involvement and no concern about hitting the bottom in shallow water.

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  • Capacity (typical) [m @ diameter in mm]
  • Winch dimensions
    Length x Width x Height 48 cm (18.89") x 71 cm (27.95") x 46 cm (18.11")
  • Length with Davit
    200 cm (78.74")
  • Winch weight
    36 kg (79.36 lbs.)
  • Construction
    Aluminum/Delrin/Titanium/Stainless Steel
  • Probe Recovery Speed
    0.5-2 m/s (1.5-6.6 fps)
  • Mount
    Swivel base (12 cm diameter)
  • Hardware
    Stainless Steel
  • Control Modul dimensions
    Length 52 cm (20.47") Width 34 cm (13.34") Height 29 cm (11.42")
  • Control Modul Input Power
    90-264 VAC (47-63 Hz)
  • Davit dimensions
    Length 160 cm (63") Diameter 5 cm (2")
  • Davit Weight
    1.18 kg (2.6 lbs.)
  • SV Probe dimensions
    Length (with tail spool) 111 cm (43.70") Diameter 5 cm (1.96")
  • SV Probe Weight
    Weight (in air) (without tail spool) 4.48 kg (9.87 lbs.)
  • SV Probe Depth Rating
    2000 m
  • SV Probe Internal Memory
    1000 casts
  • SV Probe Pressure
    Resolution ±0.001% range / Accuracy ±0.01% range / Range 0-200 dBar
  • SV Probe Temperature (if fitted)
    Resolution 0.001C / Accuracy ±0.01C / Range -5 to 35C
  • SV Probe Sound Velocity
    Resolution 0.001 m/s / Accuracy ±0.02 m/s / Range 1375 - 1900 m/s
  • Profiling Capability
    >500 m at 5 kts or deeper at slower speeds.

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