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Workhorse II Sentinel ADCP

Enhanced Versatility and Precision for Next-Generation Current Profiling Solutions

Discover the versatile and powerful Workhorse II Sentinel ADCP, Teledyne RD Instruments' upgraded acoustic Doppler current profiler designed for diverse applications, precision data collection, and low power consumption. Experience its improved performance in a compact and easily deployable package, perfect for real-time data transmission or long-term deployments.


Introducing the Workhorse II Sentinel ADCP, Teledyne RD Instruments' next-generation acoustic Doppler current profiler, designed for versatility and precision across a wide range of applications. Building on the success of the original Workhorse models, the Workhorse II Sentinel boasts key features that make it an essential tool for marine professionals:

  1. Versatility: The Sentinel ADCP can be deployed as a direct reading or self-contained unit, and is suitable for moored or moving setups, providing accurate current profiling data wherever it's needed.
  2. Solid Upgrade Path: The Sentinel is designed to grow with your needs, with easy upgrades such as bottom tracking and directional wave measurement.
  3. Four-Beam Solution: Teledyne RDI's patented 4-beam design enhances data reliability, quality, and accuracy.
  4. Precision Data: The patented BroadBand signal processing delivers extremely low-noise data, resulting in unparalleled data resolution and minimal power consumption.

The Workhorse II Sentinel ADCP offers profiling ranges from 1 to 165 meters, making it ideal for various applications. Its low power consumption ensures longer deployments and more comprehensive data collection.

Easily deployed on buoys, boats, or seafloor-mounted, the lightweight and adaptable Workhorse II Sentinel can transmit real-time data to shore via cable link or acoustic modem, or store data internally for short or long-term deployments.

The Workhorse II models introduced in 2023 come with several enhancements, including increased memory in compact flash card, an improved compass with better performance and specifications, raw magnetometer data for post-processing, a 200m pressure sensor, and water modes LADCP, Ice Tracking, Mode 11, and Mode 12 as standard features.

Experience the power, precision, and versatility of the Workhorse II Sentinel ADCP, and stay ahead in the marine industry with Teledyne RD Instruments' latest innovation.

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